Alamadhi Semen Station

Alamadhi Semen Station was established on 1st May 2015 at Red Hills, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. It is a unit of NDDB Dairy Services. NDDB Dairy Services is a not-for-profit Company under section 25 of the Companies Act and is a wholly-owned subsidiary of NDDB. It functions as a delivery arm of the NDDB for field operations relating to promoting Producer Companies and Productivity Services.

In light of providing affordable high-quality genetics to the dairy farmers, NDDB Dairy Services, with its deep-rooted commitment, commissioned the Alamadhi Semen station.

Alamadhi Semen Station has the best professionals/ experts, who come from various private, cooperative and developmental sectors, to provide high-quality technical and management services to enhance the growth of the Indian Dairy Industry.

Our Achievements

Alamadhi Semen Station has ranked second in India, consecutively for the last two Central Monitoring Unit evaluations (CMU), by Govt. of India. We are among the 4 mega semen stations owned/managed by NDDB Dairy Services. We produce Bovine frozen semen doses under the brand  “Superior Animal Genetics” (SAGTM). Produced using advanced genetics and strict adherence to Minimum Standard Protocols as enshrined by Govt. of India, SAGTM has evolved as the top-selling Bovine semen brand in the country.

Our team is well-experienced and strictly adheres to protocols & procedures to guarantee Quality Semen Production.

Our Bulls

Our Sire Directory boasts of 300 bulls, with 260 adults and 40 young bulls. The highest dam’s yield among them is 19548 litres. We also maintain a whopping 22 breeds of cattle and 3 breeds of buffalo, making us the only semen station in India with 17  native breeds.

Major Breeds of Bulls Available at Alamadhi Semen Station


  • Exotic- HF & JY.
  • HF & JY Crossbreds-HFG, HFS, HX, JS, JRS, JX.
  • Indigenous- Amritmahal, Gir, Hallikar, Haryana, Kangayam, Kankarej, Khillar, Ongole, Ponganur, Rathi, Red Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Vechur.


  • Jaffarabadi, Murrah, Pandharpuri

Where Our Bulls Come From

  • Imported from Denmark and Germany.
  • Domestic produced from Embryo Transfer Technology, Progeny testing and Progeny selection.

What Sets The Brand SAGTM Apart From The Rest

The semen stations under the brand SAGTM maintain more than 2000 high-pedigreed bulls of various breeds. SAGTM is the only brand offering a great variety of indigenous cattle and buffaloes.

We make sure that we provide:

  • Best genetics at affordable rates
  • Unwavering commitment to quality
  • Constantly striving to improve and bring the latest technology
  • Quality Assurance to our customers

The SAG manufacturing facilities are the best in the country and have the following features:

  • ISO 9001-certified company
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) environment which ensures high-quality products are being produced.
  • Effective contamination control program.
  • Objective quality evaluation devices- Computer-Aided Semen Analyser (CASA) and flow cytometry
  • The best in the world bio-security protocols to ensure that the bulls are disease-free.

Certification & Awards

Certificate of Appreciation by CMU-2019

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded “A” Grade with 95% marks by Central Monitoring Unit w.e.f 11/03/2019.

Certificate of Appreciation by CMU-2016

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded “A” Grade with 92% marks by Central Monitoring Unit for the year 2015-2016.

ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Alamadhi Semen Station received ISO 9001: 2015 accreditation valid till October 2024.

Certificate of Membership – QCFI

Alamadhi Semen Station has been awarded Certification of Membership by QCFI valid till 2034.

Alamadhi Semen Station received the Par Excellence certificate for 8th National Concave on 5 S from QCFI in 2022.

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded- DISTINGUISH  by QCFI for Kaizen case study presentation in 2021.

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded- Certification of Merit in Silver Category  by QCFI at 30th CCQCC  in 2021.

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded Certificate Par Excellence for virtual Kaizen case study in NCQC 2020 by QCFI.

Alamadhi Semen Station was awarded Certificate of Merit in29th CCQCC 2020 by QCFI.

Our Team

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